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Of Wolves and Weasels - Day 326 - Weekly Wrapup #41

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It's 6:56AM EST and we've found 96.20% of our initial 100 Billion DOGEs - only 3.80% remains until we reach our soft cap! Our Global Hashrate is up slightly from ~1246 to ~1276 Gigahashes per second and our Difficulty is way down from ~25750 to ~16264!
As always, I appreciate your support!
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Susan Athey: Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, and NBER. Christian Catalini: MIT Sloan School of Management, MIT. Catherine Tucker: MIT Sloan School of Management, MIT and NBER. 1 Introduction In the Fall of 2014, every undergraduate student at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology was o ered $100 worth of Bitcoin (Catalini and Tucker, 2016). Bitcoin is the rst decen ... Susan Athey: I was introduced to bitcoin by some early aficionados. The first things I read when I got home were about bubbles. I pulled out my books about asset bubbles and tulips, and I worried ... Professor Susan Athey Tapped for Ripple Board of Directors Stan Higgins Published on April 10, 2014 at 18:44 BST Companies , News , Ripple Labs News in Share 3 The Economics of Technology Professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business, Susan Athey, who is also on board of the Ripple Labs, allegedly promotes Ripple over Bitcoin, claims Conner Brown, a student at Stanfrod University. To express his concerns about potential conflict of interest, Brown wrote a very detailed email to Stanford Graduate School of Business: Hi Professors, During the ... Ripple’s Susan Athey and Blockchain’s Peter Smith took to the stage at the event to share their thoughts on cryptocurrencies and the current state of bitcoin. Media obsession Athey cautioned against the media’s incessant focus on the bitcoin exchange rate. “I think the focus on the exchange rate is a little overrated. I mean it’s fun to watch the price move around, but if I wanted to ...

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5 Best Bitcoin Wallets 2018

SLP150 Samourai Wallet – Make Every Bitcoin Spend a Coinjoin - Duration: 1:53:58. Stephan Livera 684 views. 1:53:58 . Fundamentals of Midstream Oil and Gas - Duration: 9:23. EKTInteractive ... How does bitcoin fit into the big picture? Let’s take a look through history to find out. Let’s take a look through history to find out. See also bitcoin smartcard ledger wallet nano: Susan Athey: The Economics of Bitcoin & Virtual Currency - Duration: 32:44. ... Test Scanning my Stainless Steel Bitcoin Wallet - Duration: 0:24. Brendan Erwin 4,153 views. 0:24 . 101% Secure way ... Get your Bitshares wallet here: http://www.bitshares.TV 2015: The year of the decentralized bitcoin exchange (interview with D... This video is unavailable. Watch Queue Queue. Watch Queue Queue Queue